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Hand-crafted paper shades
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The Linda Lovelamp is an elegant, one of a kind lampshade made from the pages of a Spanish autobiography of the famous porn star. It is handmade, unique and alluring. It coyly invites you to look closer for the dirty little secrets printed in its little boxes.

This hanging lamp is comprised of 160 boxes, all hand folded and assembled in two separate sections. The boxes are made from the pages of the famous porn star Linda Lovelace’s autobiography in Spanish and sexy entries of an abandoned encyclopedia from the 60’s.

The soft light emanating from the lamp is soothing and can brighten up the room. If you look closely at the boxes, you can catch sexy words in English and Spanish and see little pictures of Ms. Lovelace.


Make the Linda Lovelamp a part of your living room! She is available for purchase by clicking the link below. The hanging lamp comes with two hooks and an energy efficient light-bulb. Dimensions: 9 ½” wide / 11 ½” tall / 9 ½” deep. Price: $300 plus shipping and handling (US orders only). SOLD OUT




The Linda Lovelamp was made using the same technique as the other lampshades. This lamp is comprised of 160 origami boxes, hand folded individually to create the beautiful texture you see in the images.


Linda Lovelamp


Linda Lovelamp

Linda Lovelamp

Linda Lovelace






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